Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein


We bought our first house back in 2013 and there started a journey that I never expected. It's one of those 'how did I not know this all along' moments.  

It began with my first renovation, I thought I had just caught the 'home reno' bug but couldn't quite shake it.  Immersed in HGTV (I'll admit I am an HGTV junkie), home apps, and regular trips to furniture stores, I decided that I wanted to be an eternal hobbyist. Combining that with my desire to write, a gap I have felt since leaving the world of academia, taking on this project seemed to make perfect sense.  

Simply Crafted Spaces is a curation of DIY, home, and lifestyle inspirations.  I will take you through different projects in a 'learn-as-I go' journey.

 As a mom of two, I try to combine my minimalistic and clean aesthetic with playful inspirations for kids and baby spaces, and growing need for organization and storage solutions. 

Thanks for visiting here and hope you enjoy. 

- Marla



Photography credit:  Scarlet O'Neill

Photography credit: Scarlet O'Neill