Simple IKEA Flisat Stool Hack for Kids' Spaces

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I created fun stools with this simple DIY IKEA hack. The best part is that these are easy to assemble. 

Yes, I said it- easy to assemble IKEA pieces.

These are the IKEA Flisat Children's StoolThey are solid wood, which makes them ideal for refinishing.  Why is solid wood ideal? Paint adheres really well to wood, versus laminate IKEA furniture.

For this project I used Fusion Mineral Paint, a 'no VOC',  non-toxic paint, which is great for baby and kids furniture. Click here to read more about non toxic paints. 

These steps are specific to this type of paint. Keep in mind that you should follow manufacture instructions for whatever paint you use. 

1. Light sand.  Fusion Mineral Paint recommends to lightly sand with a 220 grit sand paper prior to painting. 

2. Tape the legs (optional)  with paint tape if you want the 'Scandinavian style', two-tone painted legs- like I have above. I used a tape measure to ensure they were all the same.


3. Paint it! 

Fusion Mineral Paint is available in tester- sized containers, so you don't need to buy a big container of paint for small projects. The coverage is really good.  For this, I was able to get away with purchasing tester sizes (except one that I already had from a previous project).

I did two coats of paint.



The colours used were "Sterling" for the grey and a mixture of "Little star" and "Cranberry" for the other. I used "Ash" to paint the faces and "Little star" for the cheeks. 


4. The face. When the paint is dried, lightly draw out the face with a pencil. Then with a thin art store brush, paint the face.

Not sure what cute faces to do? Here are some inspos for you: 

...OK, how cute is the dog?!

5. Top coat. Initially, I did not use a top coat, as Fusion Mineral Paint has a built-in resin that seals the paint. However, my son decided to draw on them with a pencil (because it's more fun to draw on furniture than paper, of course) and I found it difficult to remove the markings without damaging the paint.  I highly recommend adding a water- based Polyurethane top coat for high traffic pieces, especially kids playroom furniture My go-to these days is VARATHANE Diamond Wood Finish® Matte Finish

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