DIY Typography Prints to Inspire your Workspace

IMG_2910- revised.jpg

Literally at any given moment, there are a million things running through my head.

re-paint the walls. renovate the bathroom. replace the light fixture. organize the closets. hang wall art. decorate playroom.  Then add to it family and work responsibilities...well, you get the point. 

Then I saw this print a few years back on Etsy.




OMG.  This is me. I bounce from one thing to the another- "closing" one tab, and "opening" three.

For those who know me,  joke, that I can't sit still.  I actually love the fact that I can't sit still most of the time, it keeps me feeling busy and purposeful. It's the reason I started on this creative journey! BUT I have been cursed with the inability to shut it off.  

So this got me thinking. I wanted to create my own DIY wall print to inspire my workspace. It's about embracing my unsettling need to tackle projects but also to remind myself, from time-to-time, to "force quit" (If you own a Mac you will know this term, and if you don't, then just know it force closes stubborn applications). 


Typography art prints are easy DIY projects that can help fill in a gallery wall, inspire your workspace, or personalize your home. Because what's that Nate Berkus saying? Your home should tell the story of who are, and be a collection of what you love..


If you follow any interior decor blogs or social media accounts than you will likely have seen a beautiful collection of gallery walls. Although filling a gallery wall can get pricey.  

So why not create your own? 

First step, find a quote. Maybe you need some extra motivation? zen? There are hundreds of online resources. Try BrainyQuote.

Next, pick a font that will help elicit the message you are trying to convey.  It will also add sophistication and creativity to your print.  For example, I wanted old typewriter effect for one of my quotes, which I was able to do with basic tools from Adobe Photoshop (Courier New font with some splatter brush effects). 

Creativity is intelligence quote print-8x10.jpg

For the other print,  I wanted a juxtaposition of modern, sleek-looking font to contrast against more realistic, computer font. 

MBHTMTO Print.jpg

Then print. For this, I decided to go quick and inexpensive with my Inkjet printer at home, so I did them 8x10 sized on speciality presentation paper. You can also go to your local print store for larger sizes and/ or better quality prints. 

Frame and stage it.  Framing will style your print.  Trendy right now are exra thin frames in gold, white, or black- with or without a matte. Or if you are thrifty you can reuse old or secondhand frames, like I did here.  Then add to it some office decor for extra flair 

If you like the ones I made, keep reading, you can download them below.


Download the ones I created:

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