DIY Wall Decals with Clip Art Images


There are so many reasons to go for wall decals. To start, they are trending all over instagram, and secondly, they are easy to apply and non committal.

Just peel and stick, and then when you're done, peel again. 

I set on a mission to create my own. Searching online, I couldn't find any easy tutorials, as most reviewed contact paper and/or specialty cutting printers.  So then I went to my nearest craft store and there was a whole aisle designated to vinyl paper and vinyl craft accessories- it was honestly, overwhelming.  I was thinking "do I need a special printer? Contact paper? vinyl cutting tools?.." 

For this, you won't need anything fancy- BUT I will recommend doing basic shapes you don't mind cutting yourself.  

This tutorial will show you how to create wall decals with the following: 

1. Clip art images. This is where I had fun and spent time looking for free high resolution images that I wanted to put on my sons wall. 

For best results pick, high resolution, transparent  images (so you don't see white behind the images)- usually .png files are good for this.

Tip: Did you know Google has an advanced search option under settings?  You can filter images by "Clip art" and "image format" (ie. png) to help narrow your search.

Or better yet, make them yourself!  There are lots of Pinterest wall inspirations with basic shapes like triangles, stars, dots, etc. 

What I used: Click below to download my template or to visit sites to download images direct.   

2. Place images on a document for print.  Once you have decided what images you want, arrange them on your document (8.5 x11 sized) so you can fill up as much of the sheet as possible without overlapping. This ensures you use the most of this paper.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 2.07.15 PM.png


3. Print.  Print a test sheet. When you do this make a pen mark on the blank paper before printing, this will test which side your printer will print the images on. This is an important step before feeding the printable vinyl paper in your printer. In addition, you want to ensure that images don't get cut off and print in good quality.

Print on vinyl paper. Feed the printable vinyl according to your pen test. Hit print! (do one at a time, prevent any printer jams). 


4. Cut images. I found that using a craft knife helped when cutting a lot of the little images (such as stars) but scissors were better for the bigger planets. 


5. Peel and stick. Carefully peel away the backing paper and stick them on the wall. You can also reposition them if necessary. 

That's it!